La Crosse Technology WS-2010 Professional Wireless Weather Station

Exceptional as a gift, this professional wireless weather station is a meteorologist’s dream. The stylish main base unit, with built-in desk stand and hanging notch, receives and simultaneously displays data (in metric or U.S.) from the included four remote sensors, three of which are solar-powered with rechargeable lithium battery backup for measuring wind, rain, and outdoor temperature and humidity. The fourth sensor measures indoor temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Symbolic display of forecasts, graphical display of air pressure changes over the last 24 hours, and storing of minimum and maximum measured values for all sensors are just a few of the options shown on the base unit. Up to 39 alarms may be programmed for frost warnings, storm warnings, etc. Boaters or retired sailors will appreciate the ability to check wind speed in miles per hour, knots, meters per second, kilometers per hour, Beaufort scale, or wind direction in a 5° resolution instead of wind speed. Gardeners can keep track of rainfall for the previous hour, previous 24 hours, and total amount since the last reset. Hardware is included for mounting the various sensors. La Crosse weather instruments are automatically calibrated daily to the atomic time standard of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, via radio station WWVB in Colorado. This weather station is covered by a one-year warranty, excluding interference problems. Six AA batteries are required.–Ann Bieri

Product Description
With 4 separate sensors, including solar-powered outdoor sensors for temperature and humidity, rainfall and wind direction, this La Crosse professional weather station gives you a continuous, detailed and accurate report of conditions in your specific location. The station indicates the weather forecast—displayed as an icon (like the symbols used in the news)—as well as air pressure trends and a 24-hr. bar chart history. The wireless rain gauge tracks total rainfall, along with rainfall amounts for the last hour and 24 hrs. The wind gauge tracks speed and direction, displaying the information on an easy-to-read compass. The station also simultaneously displays indoor temperature, humidity and pressure, outdoor temperature and humidity, and minimum/maximum (highs and lows) data for all readings with time and date recorded. Features US/metric select for all data, manual set time and date, data receiving from as many as 9 transmitters (additional sensors sold separately) and a transmission range of up to 330′. Includes display, 4 remote sensors (1 battery-operated indoor plus 3 solar-powered outdoor), a rechargeable Lithium backup battery for solar-powered sensors, and mounting hardware. Wall hanging or free standing. Weather station (display): 8-1/2Lx1-1/4Wx6-1/2H.

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