CA Greens Support ‘Green Energy’ and Livable Wages for Workers

CA Greens Support ‘Green Energy’ and Livable Wages for Workers.


Green Party supports solar legislation, calls ‘green energy’ a ‘human right’ and backs labor livable wage demand for workers

SACRAMENTO (September 1, 2005) - The Green Party of California today affirmed its full support for legislation designed to boost alternative energy resources - a “Million Solar Roofs Initiative” - noting that “green energy” should be considered a “human right.”

The bill’s goal would be to place one million solar energy systems on new and existing residential and commercial structures in 10 years, and solar energy systems on 50 percent of the new home developments in 13 years. New home buyers would be able to choose solar energy as an option, with the help of a $5,000 state tax credit.

Greens have praised the bill since its inception, saying it was long overdue and would help wean the state from heavily polluting, oil-dependent electric energy generation.

“Like water, healthcare and mobility, green energy is arguably a human right, not a commodity. Utilizing on a massive scale available solar technology to reduce energy costs and emissions is a giant step forward,” said Tom Bolema, a member of the GPCA Coordinating Committee from Los Angeles.

The legislation, embraced by the Governor early on and with strong bipartisan support, has run into some hurdles this past week when labor was able to add amendments to require union workers in larger commercial projects.

While business special interests, including the governor, have expressed doubts about this development and are now signaling they may not support the bill, the GPCA said it fully backs the need for livable wages.

“Two key values of the Green Party are sustainability and social justice. Rather than a conflict, we find it entirely consistent that workers receive fair wages for helping build our energy independence,” said Erika McDonald, San Francisco Green Party spokesperson.

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