Owning a Hybrid Has Many Advantages

A lot of people think of hybrids as wimpy little shoe boxes on wheels.

While this may have been the case with the very first hybrids – I can assure you this is no longer true. Today’s hybrid is fast, nimble, stylish, and has some girth to it.

In fact… there are even hybrid SUV’s on the dealers lots.

Who would have thought that after seeing that little spec of car that was the first mainstream hybrid just a few years ago that we would have a full sized SUV hybrid? I guess it’s true what they say about technology moving at the speed of light.

If you are interested, I have written an article on my main site on the advantages of hybrids

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New Hybrid Content Posted

This is not really about solar energy, but it follows a similar theme. On the main Solar Energy News site I’ve added a few pages of content about hybrid cars.

Here’s the link Hybrid

Let me know what you think!

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