Silicon Valley Heads Up The Green Technology Boom

Move over dot-com’s the Silicon Valley is going green. Venture capitalist in California’s Silicon Valley are pumping massive amounts of money into solar, and other alternative energy companies.

The private sector jumping on the green technology bandwagon is good news for all of us. The idiots in Washington will drag their feet and play their childish games for decades while we slowly suffer because of our oil independence.

After watching this video all I can say is - two cheers for Entrepreneurs!

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Amazing uses of solar power in your home

The use of solar energy in the home in recent years had reached a remarkable edge. The continuous research for an alternative power source due to the perceived scarcity of fuel fossils is its driving force.

Definitely anything that requires electricity can be powered by solar energy. Its application was proven to be most economical, as most systems in individual uses requires but a few kilowatt of power.

Solar powered equipments and appliances are also clean and non- polluting. It was classified as one of the renewable source of energy, highly reliable and requires little maintenance.

Solar energy is inexhaustible. The earth receives in just one hour more energy from the sun than what we consume in the whole world for one year.

In places where power supply is hard to get through or have no access to the electricity grid, solar power is the preferred solution. Using solar power energy converters are configured to be less expensive than extending the grid to reach those far flung locations

What really are the main ways where solar power is used in the homes today? In recent times, there are a thousand and one ways where solar energy is used in the homes. What are mentioned in this page are just but the tip of the iceberg to wit:

  • TV and radio, telephony or radio telephones, refrigeration equipments and other home appliances. Remote homes with sufficient sun exposures can obtain cheap and reliable electricity to meet basic needs for lighting and radio and television using a simple PV system comprising of a PV panel, a rechargeable battery to store the energy captured during daylight hours, a regulator and the necessary wirings and switches.
  • Water supply system. PV systems can be used to pump water in remote areas .it can be part of a potable water supply system. Specialized solar water pumps are designed for submersible use or to float on open waters. To meet larger requirements of water supply in an off-grid location, the PV sometimes is backed with a small diesel generator so that the PV system would no longer be sized to cope the worst sunlight conditions during the year.
  • Area lighting. Solar energy can be used to power area lighting to enable more outdoor activities after dark, illuminate signs and advertising boards and improve security.
  • Consumer products. Calculators, toys and recreational vehicles may be used with a solar power system. These consumer gadgets require only small amount of energy.

The fact that there are two billion people in the world who do not have access to electricity through power grid means that solar power is their only cheapest choice. But still many can’t afford it. The next challenge for government and private sector as well as those who are engaged in the solar power research is to bring the price of owning a PV system in the home more affordable although in recent surveys, the decline cost path is averaging at 4% per anum.

Prices of solar energy had been consistently going down in the last two decades. This is because of the continuous drive of both government and non-government efforts in advancing the cause of solar energy uses and research. It is seen that in the end of this decade, the industry will come to break-even cost with other grid connected power source thus giving more opportunity for the intended consumers to avail of its services.

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About Solar Energy

Solar power is the process of using the light from sun and turning it into an energy source. It has become a reliable alternative to regular power sources in remote areas. It has even been used in outer space. Solar power is used in homes, lighting, architectural projects, and cooking. It has become even more popular as the cost of fossil fuel continues to rise. Solar panels are designed to collect the power from the sun.

Once solar energy is collected by the solar panels it has to be converted into energy. This can be done by a process called solar thermal application. It involves using the energy from the sun to directly heat air or liquids. The process of photoelectric application involves the use of photovoltaic cells to change the energy into electricity.

Solar power poses no harm to the environment. However, other threats to the environment may affect the ability to use solar power in the future. Global dimming is the result of pollution. It allows less sunlight to reach the surface of the Earth. A recent concern is global dimming, an effect of pollution that is allowing less sunlight to reach the Earth’s surface. Global dimming is caused by pollution particles and global warming.

The Solar Electric Power Association is an organization of electric utility companies and the solar industry. They joined together to find solutions to meet our energy needs. SEPA is a network of more than one hundred companies. Fifty are utility companies, twenty five are solar companies, and the rest are various types of businesses. They share experiences, knowledge, and information about solar programs, They also discuss policies and technology relating to their field.

Is solar energy right for you? There are advantages to using this as a safe alternative to fossil fuel. Solar energy is free. It can be used in areas where electricity can’t be set up easily. The sun is not a resource that is going to be depleted. Disadvantages are that it doesn’t work at night. The cost of creating solar power stations to store such energy is very expensive. In some area of the world, solar energy just isn’t an option because the climate does not receive enough sun light.

More on solar energy

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Xcel Energy Going Solar?

Xcel Energy announced that solar energy developer SunEdison LLC will build an 8-megawatt solar power plant in Colorado and sell electricity to Xcel Energy

Utilizing two types of solar technologies (photovoltaic and advanced flat plate) solar panel units - Xcel is hoping to have the plant up and running by 2007.

Colorado will be the home of the plant and, will be able to power about 8,000 homes when the solar panels are generating electricity.

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