Let the Sun Work For You

Yet another reason to love the sun: it’ll keep your car’s battery charged. Just plug this helpful 15-watt solar charger into your vehicle’s 12V lighter socket and position the panel to pick up the most daylight possible. The powerful 15 watts means you can use it for boats or larger vehicles too. You can also charge batteries to run lights, TVs, VCRs or other small appliances. Blue LED light shows it’s working. Works on cloudy days too.

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Penn State to Compete in 2007 Solar Decathlon

Penn State to Compete in 2007 Solar Decathlon

The Department of Energy sponsors the solar decathlon, and next year there’s going to be a team from Penn State entered. The student teams will compete by building a solar powered home.

This is a great way to promote solar awareness, and the winner will receive $100,000.

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IdaTech Demonstrates Extended Run Module and Portable Power Solution

IdaTech Demonstrates Extended Run Module and Portable Power Solution at INTELEC ‘05

daTech, LLC, a global fuel cell solutions developer and manufacturer, today unveiled a suite of targeted backup power fuel cell products in its first appearance at INTELEC ‘05, a premier telecommunications event in Berlin, Germany. In addition to operating IdaTech’s recently CE certified ElectraGen(TM)5, IdaTech will demonstrate an industry first 5kWe Extended Run Module and the company’s iGen(TM), a 250 Watt portable power fuel cell system. The Extended Run Module allows operation of ElectraGen(TM)5 using liquid fuel for extended periods of run time, thus eliminating the need for bottled hydrogen onsite. The iGen(TM) is a highly compact fuel cell system, which also runs on liquid fuel as opposed to bottled hydrogen. The iGen(TM) can be used as a battery replacement or extender in remote or grid connected telecommunication applications.

IdaTech’s Extended Run Module works with the company’s hydrogen-fueled ElectraGen(TM) family of critical backup power systems, converting liquid fuel into pure hydrogen to seamlessly provide power in the event of grid failure. The system replaces multiple hydrogen cylinders, eliminating the need for hydrogen storage when onsite storage is not feasible. Like the ElectraGen(TM)5 fuel cell system it complements, the Extended Run module is intended to deliver 10 years of reliable backup power operation.

IdaTech’s iGen(TM) is a compact 250 Watt portable proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system with on-board fuel reformer, developed to generate power continuously as long as fuel is supplied to the system. The system can be packaged for indoor or outdoor applications as a long-duration backup power source, or integrated with solar power components to provide primary 24/7 power for remote applications where there is no electric grid. IdaTech’s iGen(TM) system is designed for very low maintenance and autonomous operation.

“We are thrilled to demonstrate leading-edge technologies at an important industry event such as INTELEC ‘05, indicating the strong expansion of our solution-based portfolio to the critical power market,” said Claude Duss, IdaTech president and chief executive officer. “Based on IdaTech’s proprietary PEM and fuel processor technology, both the Extended Run Module and the iGen(TM) can provide our customers and partners with fuel cell power solutions that can have an immediate impact in improving system reliability and cost effectiveness. We believe IdaTech’s solutions can provide an unmatched range of backup time from hours to days, and a few hundred Watts to about 15kWe.”

“We have started shipping ElectraGen(TM)5 backup power fuel cell systems to customers in Europe and believe the addition of the Extended Run Module and the Portable Power System could increase our rate of penetration. It is a clear differentiating factor for IdaTech’s solutions,” added Harol Koyama, IdaTech senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Additionally, IdaTech has expanded its channel network and can now supply systems virtually anywhere in Europe. An example of how we work with our partners is our shared demonstration area at INTELEC with our partner Rittal.”

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How and When Will Nanotubes Impact the Energy Sector?

How and When Will Nanotubes Impact the Energy Sector?

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c23642) has announced the addition of Nanotubes for the Energy Market 2005 to their offering

‘Nanotubes for the Energy Market 2005′ is the most comprehensive global study ever undertaken of the market and technology impact of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on the energy sector. The report details both the performance improvements that nanotubes will have and are already beginning to demonstrate, as well as pricing and production dynamics over the next five years. For the first time, this information enables rational informed decisions to be made on the commercial viability and impact of nanotubes on the energy market.

The new report separates the hype from the reality and answers key questions such as:

– Will nanotubes kick-start the fuel cell industry?

– Are battery technologies under threat from fuel cells, or will nanotubes give them a new lease of life?

– Will nanotubes deliver the much needed price-drops necessary to commercialise solar cells?

– There is no shortage of CNT suppliers, so why are nanotubes so expensive, and when will the price come down?

Who should read this report and why?

– Battery, fuel cell and solar cell manufacturers - Gain realistic insight into the solutions nanotubes are offering to the technological and economic hurdles that face industry - Learn how, when, and why nanotubes will present a threat to your existing technology.

– CNT suppliers - learn where the key opportunities are for nanotubes in the energy sector, and where the demands and barriers are for successful market entry.

This 132 page report presents detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of the current and emerging applications of carbon nanotubes in batteries, fuel cells and solar cells. It offers in depth analysis of global CNT prices and trends, production volumes and capacity now and over the next five years.

Key data includes:

– Energy market analysis and prospects, 2005-2010

– Future successes and failures of CNTs in the energy sector

– CNT price, capacity and actual production volumes 2005-2010

– Extensive list of global SWNT, MWNT and nanofiber suppliers

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c23642

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