New Solar Cell Developer In California

Solar cell company DayStar Technologies is expanding its operation to California.

DayStar Technologies is leasing a 50,000-square foot facility in Santa Clara, Calif where they will be researching new ways to make solar cells.

Read more here DayStar Technologies

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Energy From Space

The Space Island Group has got one of the most interesting sites I’ve come accross online.

If you like big ideas and radical change you’ll like what they have to offer

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Good Job California

California leads the way in the Promotion of Solar Energy.

Even with all the advancements in solar technology, the price of going solar is still considerably more that oil, but progressive states like California are spearheading the movement by offering rebates and incentives to bring down consumer prices

Over the last 11 years, California has handed out 3.2 billion dollars in rebates!

Way to go Cali!

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Owning a Hybrid Has Many Advantages

A lot of people think of hybrids as wimpy little shoe boxes on wheels.

While this may have been the case with the very first hybrids – I can assure you this is no longer true. Today’s hybrid is fast, nimble, stylish, and has some girth to it.

In fact… there are even hybrid SUV’s on the dealers lots.

Who would have thought that after seeing that little spec of car that was the first mainstream hybrid just a few years ago that we would have a full sized SUV hybrid? I guess it’s true what they say about technology moving at the speed of light.

If you are interested, I have written an article on my main site on the advantages of hybrids

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