Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
Building-integrated photovoltaic materials are manufactured with the double purpose of producing electricity and serving as construction materials. They can replace traditional building components, including curtain walls, skylights, atrium roofs, awnings, roof tiles and shingles, and windows.

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Concentrator Collectors

Concentrator Collectors
Concentrating photovoltaic collectors use devices such as Fresnel lenses, mirrors, and mirrored dishes to concentrate sunlight onto a solar cell. Certain solar cells, such as gallium arsenide cells, can efficiently convert concentrated solar energy into electricity, allowing the use of only a small amount of semiconducting material per square foot of solar collector. Concentrating collectors are usually mounted on a two-axis tracking system to keep the collector pointed toward the sun.

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Main Site Just Launched

I just launched a new solar energy site to complement this blog.

There’s not much content right now, but I got lots of good stuff planned.

Here’s the URL

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Progress Energy looks to hydrogen as a fuel alternative

Progress Energy looks to hydrogen as a fuel alternative
Tampa Bay Business Journal, FL - Dec 1, 2005… Florida’s hot, humid and sometimes-severe weather,” said John Masiello, Progress Energy’s manager of demand-side management and alternative energy strategy, in …

Two High Schools Experiment With Solar Energy
WNBC, NY - 9 hours ago… Although the solar energy is reducing the school’s electric bills, science teachers are using the solar systems to teach students about alternative energy. …

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