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What are the potential problems and dangers of hybrid cars?

Depending on who you listen to you will hear all kinds of stories concerning hybrid cars from their fuel efficiency to their emissions. However, is what you are hearing true? Many people that have purchased these hybrid cars state that the fuel mileage is not really much better than their old gasoline powered cars, except when the hybrid cars are driven in town. However, (of course) this is also according to which hybrid car and manufacturer you are talking about.

The listed problems with hybrid cars are as follows:

  • Fuel mileage stated by manufacturer, salesmen, or on the sticker, is not accurate
  • Death rate is higher because of the size and weight of hybrid cars. The chance of survival increases with larger and heavier cars
  • Hybrid cars costs more than conventional cars
  • Worse fuel mileage on highways from the added weight of the battery and the deficiency in energy regeneration
  • High maintenance costs
  • Reduction in fuel mileage when you use the air conditioning system

These are just problems that you might experience with hybrid cars however; there are dangers that should be addressed as well. These are the dangers that have been reported with some hybrid cars:

  • Hard tires that make it hard to control the hybrid car during rainy, icy or snowy weather
  • Electric shock or electrocution to first response teams
  • Since the hybrid run without sound, it is possible to hit disabled individuals that use their sense of sound to move about such as a blind person.

Now let’s look into these problems and dangers just a bit deeper. The fuel mileage some people see is not what they really expected when they purchased the hybrid car. Most hybrid cars use gasoline power during the long driving periods thus the gas mileage will of course be higher. However, during the in town driving the fuel mileage has been pretty accurate in most cases.

Death rate is higher in smaller cars period, whether they are hybrid cars or not. If you are driving a smaller lightweight car you chances are not as good as if you were in a semi.

The price of the hybrid car is more than conventional cars. Well, the technology and creation of the hybrid cars costs the manufacturer more thus, the price must go to the consumer.

The maintenance costs are higher. The battery is just about all you will ever have to replace and yes it does cost a bit more than a regular battery, but once again, there are less maintenance problems than with a conventional car.

Of course, when you use the air conditioning, your gas mileage will not be as good as you would like, but the same goes for a conventional car.

Hard tires are a big problem because you can slide around more and need to be extra cautious when driving during bad weather conditions. However, some conventional cars have the same effect and there tires are not hard.

The reason people are being electrocuted is because of the wiring it takes to power the hybrid cars. This precaution should be a top priority in all fields where they will be rescuing people from traffic accidents. This danger can be eliminated with education.

Since hybrid cars are quieter, drivers need to pay more attention when their car is idling or they are at a stop sign to ensure that no one walks in front of them prior to them driving off. This is another responsibility of driving.

Overall, the problems and dangers of hybrid cars are no more than conventional cars.