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Ford Escape Hybrid

What other American auto manufacturer could create an SUV that has fuel economy and low environmental impact at the same time other than Ford. The Ford Escape Hybrid is all that you desire in a SUV, gives you more money in your wallet and will be nice to the air you breathe.

When you choose a Ford Escape Hybrid, you are not only choosing a vehicle for your family but one that received the 2005 North American Truck of the Year Award by the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The technology of the Ford Escape Hybrid has the gas engine shutting down while you are idling or at a stop sign. This is not true with some hybrids. You will have to be the one shutting off the gasoline engine. However, with the Ford Escape Hybrid is it accomplished automatically.

However, the power of the electric motor will keep you going without using any gasoline power while you are driving in the city and then will kick in the gas motor for those long highway stretches. This will save you lots of energy not to mention your wallet.

While you are driving around the city and applying the brakes, you will be re-charging your battery packs with the regenerative braking system. So, remember when you are tired of the stop and go traffic that your Ford Escape is enjoying a power boost.

With the Ford Escape Hybrid, you have all that your family needs in a superior SUV and you are saving the environment not to mention money that you would have to spend on gasoline. Take a test drive of the new Ford Escape Hybrid and see what the future is really all about, fuel efficient, environmentally safe, more room, comfort, and affordable at around $28,455.