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Honda Civic Hybrid

If you are into style and wish to have heads turn as you are driving down the road but also desire the fuel efficiency of a hybrid, then you are in luck with the Honda Civic Hybrid.

The Honda Civic hybrid for 2006 will give you everything you need with a more powerful and of course fuel efficient powertrain, more interior room and a larger trunk. It still has the look of the Civic sedan that you love but does not have those fold down rear seats and the hatchback.

With the Honda Civic hybrid, five passengers will be very comfortable on any trip and the sedan measures 176.7 inches long and has many unique safety features that everyone has been waiting for. The body structure is more durable and heavier to aid in any collisions. It may be heavier in design not but actual weight, as the Honda Civic only weighs around 2,875 pounds.

For fuel mileage minded individuals the Honda Civic gets 40 mpg and has immeasurably clean emissions. Therefore, you will not only be receiving excellent mileage but also helping our environment as well.

Specifications for the Honda Civic Hybrid include:

  • 11 seconds for 0 to 60 performance
  • 90.9 cubic feet for passengers
  • 10.4 cubic feet truck space
  • 110 horsepower at 6,000 rpm net power
  • 95 horsepower for the gas engine power
  • 20 horsepower for the electric motor power

With the Honda Civic Hybrid you get all of this in a compact for around $21,850 base price. Other great things to know about the Honda Civic Hybrid is that the tank will hold 13.2 gallons and the emission rating is PZEV.

If you are looking for a great hybrid with more power that looks smart then the Honda Civic is the car you will want to own. It combines the 1.3-liter iVTEC 4-cylinder engine with a 20-hp electric motor that will give you a total of 110 hp. The new technology in the powertrain is 20% more powerful than previous models and 5% lighter.