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What are the advantages of hybrids?

There are quite a few advantages to hybrid cars that you have probably heard about, but you may not understand exactly why they are advantages like a smaller, lighter and more efficient internal combustion engine.

This smaller engine can be sized to fit practically any type of car and does in fact give better fuel mileage especially when driving in town or where you must start and stop all the time.

It is more efficient and causes less pollution than gasoline powered cars and is faster than the electric cars.

The hybrid cars brings the best of gasoline powered cars and electric cars into one fast and efficient car.

The power curve of an electric motor is suited for variable speeds and greater torque during low speed driving compared to other gasoline powered engines. While the car is cruising or idling, some of the output from the combustion engine is fed back to a generator, which will produce the electricity that is needed to charge the batteries.

Hybrid cars are not only great on fuel mileage but also have an advantage over conventional cars in that they reduce the wear and tear on the gasoline engine. As an example of the fuel mileage with hybrids, you can look at the Honda Insight, which can travel around 700 miles on one tank of gas, and the Toyota Prius can travel about 500 miles on one tank of gas.

There are different government agencies in the United States that are now offering a variety of incentives for those seeking to purchase a new hybrid car, so this can be a great advantage if you are looking into purchasing a hybrid. Some states are even jumping in and giving there own unique incentives.

Many of these hybrid cars can now be ran on ethanol or other types of fuel which will give America a cleaner running car with less pollution and of course reduce the need for foreign oil. Using other fuels can increase our national security. The amount of emissions is greatly reduced with Hybrid cars, which can lead to a reduction of the smog forming pollutants.

Advantages also include the low maintenance. Usually the only item that needs replacement will be the battery. It may costs a bit more than a battery for a conventional car, but it will last even longer.

The energy saving qualities of the hybrids include regenerative braking which means that the electric motor will aid in slowing down the car as well as the regular brakes. The regenerative braking acts as a generator and charges the batteries while the car slow downs. The gas engine can be turned off at red lights and turned back on when needed saving energy. The tires of the hybrids are special; they are harder and are inflated more than conventional tires, which will cause less drag, saving more energy as well.

Government agencies in the United States and elsewhere offer various incentives to encourage the purchase of certain qualifying hybrid or electrical vehicles.

These are just a few of the major advantages to driving a hybrid car. Test drive one yourself and see what you think.