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Lexus RX Hybrid

Looking for a hybrid with exquisite styling, fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and a price that is affordable? Then you might be interested in the Lexus RX Hybrid.

The exquisite styling of the Lexus RX Hybrid has unique round integrated foglamps that gives the ability to have better visibility and of course, the look of the Lexus alone is well worth a gander. It has been designed to be aerodynamic with a new grille, a practical air intake, the black privacy glass and a black rear spoiler to give your new hybrid a classy yet sporty look.

The power rear door of the Lexus RX Hybrid has the shopper in mind with the remote keyless entry when your hands are full with shopping bags or you have a baby in one arm and groceries in the other. This is truly a hands free way to open the back and load your treasures.

The Lexus RX Hybrid is not only a great looking car but is also smart. It will detect rain when it hits your windshield and adjust the wipers without you having to do a thing. The power moonroof will give you a ray of sunshine on those nice summer days with just a touch of button. No more stopping to try to find the latch.

What if you wish to bring along the jet skis on this outing? With many hybrids, that is not always a possibility, however with the tow-hitch receiver you will always be able to bring along all those toys your family and friends enjoy for a day at the beach or lake.

The new 18-inch wheels of course give the Lexus RX Hybrid that classy feel, but they are also enhancing the form of the car. They add extra grip and control even in harsh weather.

The Lexus Rx Hybrid is the car for today’s trendy man, mother, or couple to enjoy what life is really all about in a fuel economy sporty car.