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Hybrid cars are here to stay and there are many advantages to owning one

The following articles will help provide information about hybrid cars

What is a Hybrid Car? - If your not sure what a Hybrid is this article should help answer your questions.

The Hybrid Advantage - If your not sure about making the transition from pure gas to hybrid here's a few of the advantages you'll get from owning a hybrid.

Tax Credit For Hybrid Cars - It's not often that the Government hands out money, but when they do you should take advantage of it.

Dangers of Hybrid Cars - You may have heard about potential dangers of hybrid's, this article covers the issue.

2007 Hybrids - Here's a glimpse into the future of hybrids.

Honda Civic Hybrid - The Civic hybrid might be even better than it's gas powered brother.

Ford Escape Hybrid - The American auto maker tosses its hat in the the hybrid ring with this entry

Lexus RX Hybrid - All the comfort you come to expect from a Lexus combined with the all the benefits of a hybrid.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid - Toyota offers its popular Highlander as a hybrid.