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Will Solar Powered Cars Spell the Future and Save the World from Energy Crisis?

Many scientists are alarmed at the rate of depletion of fuel fossils due to the ever growing demand for it. Everyday we are dependent on energy and electricity as well as fuel for our vehicles. Society will come to a screeching halt if this problem is not properly addressed.

Fuel price will never go down. The need for alternative fuel is continuously surging and creating various opinions. Pressure group like Set America Free had been more active and was already joined by stalwarts like CIA Director James Woolsey and former President Reagan’s Under Secretary of Defense Frank Goffrey.

As early as 1955, William G. Cobb successfully designed the world’s first solar powered car that was demonstrated in the General Motors Powerama in Chicago. This was the time when the interest in solar powered vehicle began albeit in a small group at first. Today, in almost all parts of the world competitions are held pitting designs and innovations in solar powered cars.

However, what really is the future of solar powered cars?

Many big vehicle makers are planning to manufacture in full scale, EV’s (Electric Vehicles) or solar powered cars like Mitsubishi, General Motors, Subaru, Fuji, Toyota and Honda. Even solar electric car racing is improving and the synergies of this industry are really shining through especially this decade.

How far is solar powered cars market reaching?

According to latest statistics from Solar Energy Magazine, September 14, 2005 issue, the demand for solar power increased tremendously with a 40% growth in 2002 to as high as 67% in 2004. The market for solar powered cars is still in its infancy as there are more innovations seen to come in the coming days. An extensive information campaign and awareness to the issues attached must be pressed to make the people fully aware of the great benefits solar powered cars bring.

The solar powered car market is expected to rise further as Americans have a growing sentiment to free America from foreign oil dependence. This is proven by the huge sales and demand for hybrid vehicles (utilizing gas as well as electric motors).

The convenience that the PV Electric Vehicle charging stations in California offer shows the rise in public awareness and dedication for a cleaner environment. The station is conveniently located in Sta. Monica Civic Center, which can charge up to seven electric vehicles simultaneously, and at night, the vehicle may be charged using off-peak utility power it has gathered.

A free public charging is also available at Ralph’s Supermarket, Sta. Monica, California.

In Los Angeles, there is LAX or the Los Angeles International Airport Charging Station.

With the oil and gas prices in the United States continually soaring high, interests in developing solar powered cars again reached a good momentum in both government and private sectors.

The US government recently passed a new energy law on august 2005, providing tax relief to homeowners using solar power. However, the crowning benefits expected if people will shift to solar powered machines is the valuable control of the harmful elements emitted by the use of gasoline generally perceived to contribute to global warming, acid rain and smog.

Our planet is in need of saving measures in every way man can possibly do. The use of solar cars and machines will help with the preservation of the planet, and humankind. Solar powered cars are the first step.