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Will solar energy be our main source of power in the next 30 years?

With the supplies of fossil fuels dwindling and solar technology getting more and more advanced there is a good chance that within 30 years solar energy could overthrow oil as the world’s main energy source.

Even today many homes and commercial buildings have made a partial switch to solar, using the suns energy to help heat their homes.

One of the main drawbacks to using solar energy in your home has always been the obtrusive solar panels that had to be installed on the roof of your home. However, the latest solar panels out on the market today are much less of an eye sore. The newest solar panels are designed to blend in with your roof and match the look and feel of regular roofing shingles.

However, these new solar shingles are not cheap and for most people the main drawback to converting your home to solar is the initial cost. The prices of solar panels, solar water heaters, and the other necessary equipment required for installation is very expensive, but many states offer rebates for those who do go with solar so check with your local energy department and see what they have to offer.

Solar technology is advancing rapidly, and the costs of solar products are coming down in price as well. Taking all this into consideration there is a strong possibility that we’ll see solar power as the top source of energy in the future.